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HHO machine generator

HHO 6.0 design by integrator cylinder generator, it's a patent of kingkar. It can work for a long time, and easy for cooling the temperature of genarator. At same time, it saves the space and material, so as saving your cost.

others machine generator

Others use cube structure generator. It's very common, Also generator lifetime is short; and effect for cooling is just so so. Cannot saving your cost.

no good
hho machine electrode

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 uses 2mm thickness electrode plate, and Yin and Yang poles separated, and the material is rich, the use of longer time.

others machine electrode

Others uses 0.6mm thickness electrode plate, Electrode plate is not separated; easy to peforate and cannot used for long time.

no good
HHO 6.0 use the newest IGBT power system

Our machine uses newest IGBT power supply system, High working efficiency, stable electrolysis current, keeping a stable oxy-hydrogen gas flow, consumes less eletricity, also fast heat dispation. Maximized power capaciry which guarantee 24hrs non-step working.

Others use normal IGBT power system

Others use common power system, cannot work for long time, slow heat dispation, Fan cover is easy to open, more dangerous.

no good
HHO 6.0 use wet anti-backfire system

HHO 6.0 adopts wet anti-fire back system, which has water n it to stop the fire back, this is the patent of kingkar company which is made of 316L stainless steel. It guarantees the safety of the machine.

Others use normal anti-backfire device

other machines uses common anti-fire back system device,has noe water in it,whiche makes it can not guarantee the safety.

no good


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